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The files you will get

Once your order is complete, you will receive a download to a ZIP file containing MP4 and MOV files

Using the MOV files / Alpha Channel

The MOV files have preapplied alpha. Simply drag and drop them onto your timeline, make sure alpha channels are enabled.

Using the MP4 files / GreenScreen

The MP4 files have green backgrounds, remove the background using Chrome Keying to achieve transparency.


Can I customize the animations to match my brand?

Yes, CaliberVisual allows you to customize different properties of the animation, to match your brand.

How will I receive my custom animation?

CaliberVisual will provide you with a download link for your custom animation once it's ready. You can then download the animation file to your computer and use it as needed.

What types of files will I receive?

You will receive two high quality files: an MP4 file that contains a chroma-key green screen background, and an MOV file that has an alpha channel applied.

Is the background of the animations transparent?

Yes! Our animations arrive in two formats: MP4 and MOV.
The MP4 file has a solid background color (usually a green screen) allowing you to chroma-key it out.
The MOV file contains preapplied alpha channel, in most modern editing software you will be able to simply drag-and-drop the file to your timeline.